Early Voting: July 17th - August 1st | Election Day: August 6th
Early Voting: July 17th - August 1st
Election Day: August 6th

A Democrat for Transformative Change

Corey Strong

Corey Strong is an attorney, Naval Academy Graduate, service member and political leader from Memphis. He is a proven advocate, professional, and the leader that the 9th district deserves.  

As the Chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Party he restored function and authority to the County Party. Under his leadership, Democrats experienced their most successful local election in history by winning all 10 county wide elections and increasing their seats on County Commission from 7 to 8.  

Corey graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2003 and became a commissioned officer in U.S. Navy. He served on active duty for 8 years and has deployed to the Persian Gulf, the Pacific Rim, South America, and two tours in Afghanistan. He left active duty in 2011 and continues to serve as a Commander in the Naval Reserves, commanding the Littoral Combat Ship ASW Detachment in Atlanta.  

Corey is also active member in the community an active member of First Baptist Church- Broad where he is a member of the Choir. He also is an active mentor in the Collective-Memphis and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Memphis.  

Corey holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Memphis and an MBA from San Diego State University. He is currently works as the Director of Operational and Process Improvement at Shelby County Schools.



Our Campaign

Serving the People of District 9 first. I will fight to make sure that the core unit of our democracy is the citizen, not the dollar sign.


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We're building a grassroots campaign to bring in a new leadership to the 9th District. Join me on this journey.



I'm relying on grassroots donors like you to assist me in continuing to put forward my very best at representing District 9.


Why I'm Running

I am running for Congress to give back to the city that made me, Memphis, TN, my hometown. In D.C., we will work together to ensure that government works for all of us and that Memphis has an advocate fighting for every corner of the 9th district. That means a 21st century economy here that is driven by the talent, grit, and grind of every Memphian. We will deliver by focusing on three fronts. First, we will ensure that our country is investing in its greatest resource—the American people—by increasing exposure, training, and investment in new and growing industries in underutilized populations in our urban core and the American Heartland. Second, I will secure voting rights and access for all, as well as make sure the voice of all people is heard and issues of equity are given their due. Finally, as our economy moves and grows, we will ensure economic growth includes all people; that a livable wage becomes a core tenant of the American dream and that everyone has access to healthcare. Throughout my tenure of service, I will be an ambassador for TN’s 9th district to ensure that we are a prime destination for growth and investment from burgeoning industries.

Where I Stand on the Issues

Economic Justice
The foundation of our nation is its people and we must ensure this foundation remains strong by guaranteeing that all people have a basic standard of living. Accordingly, economic justice is the foundation of our platform. We must shift from the business of poverty to an economy of self-determination at every level. We will do this by ensuring all sectors of our economy provide a livable wage to workers, safe working environments, and an uninhibited right to organize. Entrepreneurship development and workforce training in jobs of the future are critical paths to ensuring our area is competitive with other cities and grows the equitable economy we deserve.

Voting Rights
As a nation governed by the people, for the people, we must actively pursue a more engaged and involved electorate by removing all barriers to voting. This includes dismantling systems and schemes that seek to suppress voting power based on race, gender, economic standing, and geography. Our state is at the bottom of already low voter turnout nationally; I will advocate for a national voting holiday and support automatic voter registration, unrestricted voting by mail, as well as same day voter registration programs. I also support ending the influence of dark money in our elections by repealing Citizens United.

Health Care
Health care is a human right and a matter of economic justice and equity. I will advocate for a Universal Healthcare system that ensures this right and support a path to Medicare for All. I will oppose any attempts to cut or undermine either Medicare or Social Security. Health care can only a human right if it is guaranteed for women, and I support Planned Parenthood and all organizations which ensure reproductive justice and full access to healthcare for all women

Restorative Justice
Our criminal justice system has been marred by decades of racism and economic exploitation. These systems have perpetuated recidivist criminal activity and made our communities and our country less productive and prosperous. We must reform our criminal justice system by increasing community policing, ending cash bail, legalizing marijuana, and mitigating sentences for non-violent offenders. I support restorative practices during sentencing, incarceration, and release. I will fight for federal prohibitions on prison population quotas and prison labor, higher penalties for violations of rights in private prisons, and an accelerated end to all private prisons in America.

Environment / Infrastructure
We must protect our environment at all costs. I support the goals of the Green New Deal, not only for the critical goal of restoring our environment, but also to ensure we continue to compete technologically and economically with our allies and rivals globally. I will pursue Roosevelt / Eisenhower level infrastructure legislation with the goals of reducing carbon emissions, ensuring our built environment is safe, including our bridges, roads and homes, moving to 100% clean and renewable energy sources, and increasing access to broadband in urban and rural communities.

Veteran Affairs
My entire military career has occurred during the longest period of war in our country’s history. Those wars, as well as previous ones, have taken a tremendous toll on our country and those in service to it. We owe them all. I will fight for enhancements to veteran’s services for healthcare, specifically in the areas of mental health and conditions related to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will also work to define ‘supporting our troops’ as sustained compensation and support for our service members, veterans, and their families–not unchecked defense contractor spending.

2nd Amendment
As a military reservist, gun owner, and concealed carry permit holder, I understand this right as protected in our Bill of Rights. It is of immense importance in the military that those who have weapons are trained and certified to do so, and it is even more important in our society. Firearm suicide is a significant cause of death in America and among our veterans; we also need to protect our children and victims of domestic abuse. That is why I support common sense gun legislation, such a closing gun show loopholes and universal background checks, supporting red flag laws, waiting periods, and better training for firearms.

Public education is key for our future and success as a country, and for too long access to such an education has been based on zip code. I support raising teacher pay, universal pre-K, equity in education through increased funding for communities with legacies of underfunding, increase in community representation within and accountability for charter providers, and a joint effort between the Department of Justice and Department of Education to dismantle the school to prison pipeline.

Equal Rights for All
The strength of America is its diversity but that has long been hampered by a history of exploitation and exclusion. As I have always done, I will fight for and work to serve those who are voiceless and powerless, until we recognize the inalienable rights of all people. As the representative of a majority African-American district, I will advocate for true protection under the law and restorative legislation for African-Americans and other people of color. I also support full rights of the LGBTQ community, immigration reform with restoration of the DACA program, and equity in pay for women.

Please contact our team at Info@the901Strong if you have questions on specific issues/proposals or would like to schedule a conversation or appearance with Corey Strong and his team.


Phone: (901) 205-9166
Email : info@901strong.com
Address: PO Box 22216, Memphis, TN 38122


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